raV – Edge AI Computer Vision


raV is a Surveillance Application System that integrates The Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Technology and Image Processing System that enables video recordings in real time/offline (recorded) and data auto uploads within local WIFI coverage.

The face recognition, custom movement detection and alert monitoring system features embedded in ra-V smart camera system making it a reliable full surveillance system for your safe and secure work environment.

Why raV ?

Auto Upload Vehicle Video Recording

Video file will be uploaded automatically when the vehicle is within the local WIFI range.

HD Video Recording

Ra-V camera specifications
enables to produce HD video quality.

On demand live Surveillance

Live view monitoring from the vehicle, whenever and wherever necessary.

Flexible Infrastructure Platform

The ra-V infrastructure is designed to prioritize compatibility and ease of integration.

Night vision Video Recording

The ra-V specification comes with Infrared feature for night/minimal lighting recording.

GPS Tracking

GPS module in the ra-V system makes location and speed tracking of the vehicle can be monitored at all time.

Voice recording, Face counting / recognition, movement detection

The microphone feature enabling ra-V camera to record the whole crew’s vehicle conversations. Our image processing in ra-V smart camera system is able to recognize faces and movements to ensure you have a full surveillance on your vehicles.

Driver Alarm

The Push Button in ra-V system that serves to contact emergency numbers.

Problems & Solutions

Problems :

Problems :

  • Minimum vehicle supervision en route.
  • Minimum evidences on accidents.
  • Minimum detection of authorized and unauthorized vehicle’s movement.
  • Difficulties to detect maximum vehicle speed and unit position.
  • Minimum crew supervision.
  • Minimum access management, human detection & recognition.
  • Minimum detection of unauthorized/abnormal objects behavior.
Solutions :

Solutions :

  • Realtime/offline audio & video recording system during trip.
  • GPS-based Tracking System to monitor the location and speed of the vehicles.
  • Camera-based face detection and motion detection system to monitor crew members and passengers and detect suspicious movements.

Dashboard Monitoring System

Dashboard Monitoring System provides an instant snapshot of key performance indicators on the monitoring system of raV Devices. Through the use of the latest technology, companies / agencies can make instant and informed decisions based on a graphic presentation of past and current trends, as well as accurate data monitoring.

Dashboard ra-V Specification vehicle speed/counting

  • Cloud Based Application
  • Micro Services Platform Using JAVA, React Technology
  • User Friendly UI/UX
  • Secured Database

Use Case

Cargo & Shipping company

ra-V products can be implemented in the Cargo
ra-V products can be implemented in the Cargo & Shipping industry, increase the level of shipping security, vehicle security as well as storage warehouse security. Live streaming monitoring with RA-V technology will ease the monitoring of cabin drivers & unit’s surrounding. With ra-V facial detection and moving object detection algorithm will increase your level of security.

Shuttle & Travel company

Ra-V products can also be implemented in the
transportation industry, especially Shuttle
Ra-V products can also be implemented in the transportation industry, especially Shuttle & Travel Operators. Elevate your level of safety and comfort of the passengers who use Shuttle & Travel services. Operators will benefit from facial detection technology. Minimize or eliminate the passenger’s manifest verification in vehicles, and identify the passenger’s booking who registered with their photos.With ra-v smart cameras that are easily installed on the dashboard & rear of the vehicle can be functioned as evidence in case of an accident.

Vehicle Cash Managemet Service

raV – Edge AI Computer Vision
raV – Edge AI Computer Vision
raV – Edge AI Computer Vision

Beginning of departure

Absence is done via the ra-V facial camera and the facial data will be uploaded automatically to the ra-V system.

During the trip

ra-V recording camera will record every 1 minute continuously, audio and video will be recorded, able to record 5 days continuously with a storage capacity of 32 GB

ra-V motion camera will detect continuous movements within 10 seconds or 80 percent of the movements occur within 10 seconds, if there is a valid movement then it will trigger an alert, proof of recording and capture willbe included on the alert.

Upon arrival

ra-V facial camera will detect the presence of the vehicle crews. If no one/unrecognized crew is present, it will trigger an alert.

System Architecture

raV – Edge AI Computer Vision
  • raV – Edge AI Computer Vision
  • raV – Edge AI Computer Vision
  • raV – Edge AI Computer Vision
  • raV – Edge AI Computer Vision