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Who we are

AIoT products and services for global businesses

Since 2010, we have been delivering solutions to government departments, army corps, financial institutions and businesses and we have been helping leading technology innovators build their software/hardware products.Having been active on the market for over 10 years with dozens of serviced clients and hundreds of delivered projects, Rastek ID has cumulated a powerful set of expertise and know-how in technology and AIoT technology processes.

Our clients get access not only to the skills and professionalism of the Rastek ID team, but also to the combined organizational knowledge of over 50 specialists working at our company.

Rastek ID products are designed to protect critical infrastructure, optimize asset management and improve performance enterprise worldwide. We also create different types of technologies according to the specific requests and in sector.We also provide specific training and management to clients following the delivery of our intelligence products in order to ensure optimal performance and understand our technology.

Our Mission

Transforming the future of the corporate world

We are committed to guiding our clients through the integration of AI capabilities into IoT devices to form an intelligent and connected system.

Our mission is to enable digital technology for our clients by bringing together top engineering talent, deep industry expertise, and personal dedication as to meet the unique business needs of each customer.

Our interest is not to be in the public domain, but to resolve complicated problems and situations, anywhere on the globe.

Our Values

Intelligent Decision Making

Rastek ID products integrate AI in IoT, which means that a network of connected devices turns into an intelligent machine that not only learns and reacts in real-time but also anticipates obstacles. Organizations can leverage AIoT capabilities to revamp their business processes, drive digital transformation, and ultimately take a leap towards modernization.

With our wealth of expertise, our risk analysis and management department can provide and deploy specialized agents to implement multiple levels of technology to better address each of the necessary step to be taken in the sensitive and/or strategic places, and to anticipate and prevent any potential problem.

Our technology department can also create different types of technologies according to the specific request from any type of sector.

“Making data available, anytime, anywhere.”





AIoT computer vision from rastek.id

AIoT – Computer Vision

Rastek ID empowers business users to take informed decisions based on inferences from business and operational data using an innovative combination of AI Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Edge Computing and Cognitive engine.

Rastek ID edge solutions enable business users to develop new models and to rapidly respond to the dynamically changing market requirements.

Edge AI Technology

Rastek ID provides innovative solutions across business verticals with edge AI-based technology

Rastek.ID – Optimizing Your Business

Edge AI Computing

Edge computing complements cloud computing for digital business use cases, solving latency, bandwidth, autonomy and privacy requirements.

With the combination of machine learning and deep learning through customized algorithm, we provide various highly accurate analytics.

Rastek.ID – Optimizing Your Business

Intelligent Video Analytics

Our multiple AI algorithms collaborate to deliver intelligent video analytics (IVA) that transform data into actionable, real-time identification capabilities of people, vehicles, and objects.

Rastek.ID – Optimizing Your Business

Optimized & Accelerated

We implement Intel OpenVINO optimization and CPU, VPU, & FPGA acceleration to enable edge devices to simultaneously analyze more video feeds in real time.

Rastek.ID – Optimizing Your Business


Microservices architecture is a key concept for Enterprise Architects, with narrowly-focused services that can be independently deployed, scaled and updated. With modular architecture, microservices will build failure tolerance into your architecture so that if one service goes down, it doesn’t bring the whole application down.

Used by big companies like Amazon, Netflix, Nike, and eBay, microservices are now a critical part of many enterprise cloud and digital strategies.

What are a Microservice and a Microservice Architecture?

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A Microservice is a component of a service-oriented architecture. It is an autonomous piece of code that has a clear interface and private data, and that performs a definite function. Because it can be written in various programming languages, it can be effortlessly duplicated and deployed in any environment.

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Service-oriented Architecture

A service-oriented architecture is the widely used standard to develop cloud-native and cloud-based applications (also known as cloud microservices). It combines microservices in order to execute a larger set of business functions. 

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Microservice Deployment

Because of their versatility, microservices are easy to integrate, deploy and test, and they can be worked on separately and individually. They allow to maintain a steady delivery of services in different types of computing environments, from serverless clouds to data centers,

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